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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Think Positive To Make Things Positive

"The Key to Happiness is To Be Happy With Yourself "

Do you realize the power of self talk? You probably don't if you have trouble controlling the thoughts in your mind? Do you find yourself thinking things that are detrimental to your future? You can learn to use words for success. Positive thoughts and words create a positive life. Positive self talk and success in life go hand in hand. Follow these 7 steps to discipline your mind and discover the power of self talk.

7 Steps to Train Your Mind to Positive Thinking:

1. Daily Gratitude List. Keep a gratitude journal. List a minimum of 5 things each day that you are thankful for.

2. Smile. As you tell yourself with this one action that you are happy your mind follows. Someone once said, "If I can make it till 10 a.m.smiling, the rest of my day takes care of itself."

3. Find the good in others. Be known as the person who will always see the good qualities of others. Two things will happen as a result.

a. As you mention these good things to others and especially to the people themselves you will brighten their day.

b. You will also fill your life with positive feelings. You will experience feelings of good will within yourself because of your actions. You will also change the way others speak about you, using positive words of affirmation towards you as a result of your kind words.

4. Know your goals, dreams and desires. Focus on achieving the things you desire in life. Your dreams are motivators and as you aspire to achieving these good things in life you are pursuing a positive future, which in turn creates a positive 'now' in your actions.

5. Speak positively to yourself. Too often, if we stop and take note of what we are saying within our minds we hear negative words. Be your own friend instead of your enemy and encourage and think positively of yourself.

6. Listen to good speakers who challenge your thinking. Strive to grow in skill, knowledge and understanding by continually learning. Find speakers that motivate you and inspire you to be the best you can be.

7. Begin and end each day with positive words of affirmation to the people in your life and to yourself. How you start your day usually determines how your day goes. How you end your day often determines how the next day will begin. Make an effort to daily begin and end each day filled with optimistic words and thoughts and live a life that is positive.

"Positive thinking can help you see the good in people and situations and can help you become a happier person by replacing the number of negative thoughts you have. Being positive can also open new doors and lead you to try things and meet people you otherwise wouldn't have. Thinking positively requires awareness and effort, but it's a small change that can make a big difference in your life."


Surbhi Maheshwari [MBA Fin / Mktg ] 
Manager Finance
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